Selling on Amazon

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Selling on Amazon

Why sell on Amazon?

Amazon makes it possible to sell your products in 27 different countries! Amazon currently has 300 million active users worldwide. We are currently seeing a shift from selling via own websites to selling via platforms. Platforms are increasingly used worldwide and many consumers no longer look at individual websites. For this reason, many companies join amazon. This offers great opportunities, but there is of course also increasing competition on this platform. Therefore you must distinguish yourself and become visible to the consumer. By using the right advertising techniques we can ensure you that, without high costs, you can grow your own business.

*Many Dutch companies have started to sell products in Germany, England or France.

*It is important that you have the correct professional product listings in every country before launching a product. The choice of the title and product description of your product is essential. We can research in advance what kind of keywords have the highest search volumes concerning your product. With this, we investigate which keywords yield the most results. If you advertise with the wrong keywords, you will rank for the wrong keywords in the algorithm. Advertising costs will skyrocket here.

Do you recognize this?

When you tried so hard to get everything ready on Amazon. Your product is online, the product listing has been made and the photos are taken. You start to sell. Suddenly you notice that the advertising costs are so high that your profits are diminishing. This has probably to do with lacking advertising knowledge and how to become profitable. We understand that advertising on Amazon is complicated. Therefore we are here to help and offer the following services.

Product optimization for Amazon

Before you start advertising, you must start with a professional product listing. We write professional product listings in Dutch, English, German, French and Spanish. The most important keywords with the highest search volumes are researched and added to the product listing.

With a registered brand, you have the most options with (enhanced content) to show your product to consumers in the right way. 

You must build a strong position for your brand on Amazon. If you have multiple products in the same niche market, you will rank faster in Amazon’s algorithm. The algorithm takes into account hundreds of factors that cause your rank to increase or decrease. The products with the best keywords, most reviews and high conversion rank. That is why we would like to help you sort out most of the factors that help best. 

Amazon PPC Advertising

As soon as your account is set up and the professional product listing is active, we can start advertising successfully on amazon. Setting up and optimizing successful campaigns offers a lot of possibilities when you consist of the relevant knowledge to conduct this. *Successful advertising means success on Amazon. *We would like to reduce costs for you and let your business grow.